Since 1963, we have served the community as a No-Kill animal shelter. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, that does not receive any tax money, and are entirely dependent upon memberships and donations. We are not affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States.
From our inception in 1963 and until 1976, there was not a central location to house the unwanted or abused animals. These animals were boarded at local veterinarians. In 1976, we opened our current facility, which was once a former fruit stand.
The shelter is staffed daily to maintain appropriate service levels for the animals and those wishing to adopt them. We are committed to ending all forms of abuse to domestic animals. We urge voters to support legislation to protect animals. We believe in teaching children the proper way to treat and care for animals. We urge the spaying and neutering of companion animals and believe that animal guardianship is a privilege for those who wish to love and be loved by faithful friends.
In April 2010, Kankakee County Humane Society and Kankakee County Animal Foundation decided to merge together and form a new larger organization. The new organization became Kankakee County Humane Foundation. 

Meet the Staff

When you come to the shelter, the staff are the first ones to greet you. The staff put in many hours of hard work and dedication and responsible for the day-to-day care of the animals who call the KCHF "home."

Laura - Kennel Director
Tyler - Kennel Assistant
Aaron - Kennel Assistant
Sabrina- Kennel Assistant
KayCee- Kennel Assistant
Rachel- Kennel Assistant
Layna- Kennel Assistant

The KCHF Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors are elected at annual meetings by the active members and each serve for a term of three years. The Board of Directors are responsible for the general management of the affairs of the Shelter. Directors receive no monetary compensation.

David Cook- President
Mary Posing-Vice President
Vickie Romein- Secretary
Kathy Vaccaro-Fegan- Treasurer
Gayle Magnuson, Animal Liaison to the Shelter Director
Doylene Cook
Pat Hatch
Jennifer Hammond
Kim Patrick
Linda Stevens
Mary Thomson
Krystal Tolefson
Rod Wolfe
Sue Wolfe

Our History